HPB Deposit is Available

HPBLAND land auction will open on August 9, 2019 at 12:00(UTC+8).

HPB deposit is available now. Players can access User Security page to deposit HPB.

In order to ensure the stability of the function, HPB withdraw will be available after the HPBLAND is opened. The specific date will be announced in the subsequent announcement.

HPB/NASH exchange is available now. Please check in the RO Exchange in game.

More details for HPB:https://www.hpb.io/

Attention Please:

1.KYC is required before deposit HPB.

2.Deposit HPB do not need Transaction Fee .

NeoWorld Team
August 7, 2019

Explanation on NeoWorld 2.0 and Transitional Measures

Dear NeoWorld Players,

By end of August, we will be having a major update. This update and its subsequent follow-ups will be focusing on the optimization of business buildings, production buildings, land development and continental self-regulations, etc., so as to be ready for the public launch.  The update has been delineated for a long time but the implementation of it was delayed. We understand that this update might have an impact on the game habits and experiences of most players, especially core players holding lands and properties in the continents. Therefore, in addition to making adjustments to the game rules, we have also devoted significant time and resources to design and develop plans to ensure the smooth transfer of assets between the current and new versions. Lastly, we will make a transition period for players to be well informed and make sound decisions about their properties.

The transitional period will have three phases:

1) Disclosure Phase

Time: Early August

During this phase, NeoWorld will make official announcements of the new version, together with the explanations.

2) Demolition Phase

Time: Mid August, to be announced

During this phase, certain buildings (those effected by the new version, to be further announced) will have a week’s time to be demolished and have NASH refunds equivalent to buildings built for 90 days. Players should make a decision on whether to demolish the buildings during this phase, and no further demolition is allowed after this phase.

3) Pre-Update Phase

Time: Late August

During this phase, the construction of certain buildings, upgrades and level-up of buildings will be put to a halt, until the update of the NeoWorld 2.0 version. After the update, the above functions will resume for building types under the new version.

After the update, there will also be remedies for buildings not demolished.


Of all the rules,  the demolition of buildings are the most critical of all. Therefore, we make a pre-announcement here:

1)Existing rules on buildings will be ceased. In the new version, buildings could be reclaimed or demolished, but no NASH refunds will be given.

2)Existing business buildings will be no long in effect. In the new version, there will be new types of business buildings and mechanism converting existing buildings into new buildings. Other buildings types remain unchanged.

3)All buildings will be repriced, with construction cost and operating cost. Construction cost is a one-time cost and operating cost is recurring. For instance, electricity costs will be introduced for building generating business value or material output. Electricity price will be determined by the continents independently, and the electricity fees will be a part of continental income, after deducting tax. The price difference between existing and new buildings will be compensated accordingly. Certain building types will no longer have upgrade and depreciation mechanism.

4)Secondary market of building will be launched in September.

The details on the time of each phase, details of demolition and remedy plan will be announced recently. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We appreciate all comments and please contact us via our social media channels. Thank you all for supporting NeoWorld!

The NeoWorld Team

Release Note – 3st August 2019

Maintenance Time:

3rd August 14:00 – 16:00 UTC +8

1、NEOLAND 2nd Territory – Parcel Characteristic is Online Now

1)New feature: “Develop” a Parcel

One parcel will be “developed” to gain additional characteristic. The maximum number characteristic a parcel is same as the number of characteristic sockets. The number of sockets depends on the potential of the parcel. S: 5, A: 4, B: 3, C: 2, D: 1.

Currently there are 9 characteristics available. There are 5 levels for each characteristic. The higher the level is, the more powerful the effect is. The details are showed in following table:

When a socket is unlocked, one characteristic will be randomly picked up and filled into the socket. The characteristic could be reset and randomly picked up gain. Depends on the position of the socket, the levels of the possible characteristics will be different. The details are as following:

Note: The characteristic gained by development might be same type as the characteristic that the parcel by default has. In that case the effect will be calculated by adding-up. E.g. by default CBD parcels have 20% add-on for fixed business value of all industries, and if there is one level D commercial center characteristic (5% add-on for commercial fixed business value), the owner will get 25% add-on for commercial business buildings, and 20% for other industries)

The “unlock” and “reset” operations for a parcel will be unlocked based on the development index of the parcel. Each execution of unlock and reset will cost NRO. The details are:

2)There will be a base development index for each type of parcel. The development index will be raised by investing on the parcel. The details are:

3)——New Feature: “Invest” a Parcel

By investing a parcel, the development index of that parcel will be increased. The more fund invested, and the longer investment cycle is, the development index will raise faster. The owner could choose the investment amount (5/50/500 NEO) and investment cycle (10/30/100 days) as the investment strategy. The details are:

When the owner invests on a parcel, 1% of the total investment will be deducted as tax. The investment could be checked in bill interface. The investment could not be cancelled halfway. When the investment is due, the owner could get the fund back immediately from the bill.

The parcel could not be put on sale if it is under investment. The parcel could not be invested if it is already on sale. The parcel on renting could be invested as normal.

2、UGC Function Open Again. Another new UGC clothes release.

3、ACF Coin Building will be in newbie town

Transaction Fees Revenue and NEST Buy-Back Disclosure for June 2019

Transaction fees revenue of NeoWorld for June 2019 was as follows:

Items Amount (NASH)
Payments (Rewards, withdrawals, etc.)    29,375,625
Land and building transactions     5,722,363
Item transactions (materials, shops, etc.)    13,966,343
Tokens (RO, NEST and island passes)    27,227,103
Subsidies (buildings, R&D, wonders,tents, etc.)    10,263,137
Expenses     1,026,830
Total   87,581,401

The NEST buy-back for July 2019 was as follow:

From 1st July to 31st July, the team has bought back a total of 600 NEST by pledging 60,751,461 NASH. Of which, 43,790,700NASHwere from the transaction fee revenue of June 2019 and 16,960,761NASH were from the reserves (out of a total of 750,000,000 NASH, with a remaining balance of 490,099,370NASH).

Delay of Public Launch

Dear Players,

We are delaying the scheduled public launch to a later date, due to a planned adjustments to some of the gameplay.

After a year into operations, we have received a lot of feedback from users and collected relevant operational data for analysis. We have discovered many areas for improvements and after rounds of discussions, we are planning to make a major update in August.

This update will have a long term impact on the future developments and global expansion of NeoWorld. We will make the public launch of NeoWorld after this version stabilizes and intermediary measures will be taken to ensure the interests of existing players.

The guidelines of this update will be announced on this Saturday (3 August) and the implementation is tentatively scheduled to be the last week of August. The public launch is expected to be middle or late September, and the exact time will be decided after the August update.

We are truly sorry for the delay and we seek your understanding and support for helping us making NeoWorld a more competitive and sustainable blockchain virtual world.


The NeoWorld Team

GC And CA Withdraw Opens Now

Dear user:

NeoWorld has already opened GC And CA withdraw,Welcome to the NeoWorld official website user center to experience!

Kindly reminder:

Real-name certification is required before withdraw coin .

②The minimum withdrawal amount is 1GC and 1CA.

③The withdraw fee is 500 NASH.

Thank you for your continued support of NeoWorld and wish you a happy game.

NeoWorld Team
July 31, 2019

Participate in DragonLand Land Auction to win Permits, DT and Land discount coupon

Event Time

12:00 31th July–12:00 7th August (UTC +8)

Event 1:Permits for Bids

1.Players will be rewarded according to the total number of bids.

Bidding Times Award
3 DRAGONLAND Permit(Day)x1
15 DRAGONLAND Permit(Week)x1
30 DRAGONLAND Permit(Month)x1
  1. Each reward is available once. Players can get up to one DRAGONLAND Permit (Day), one DRAGONLAND Permit (Week) and one DRAGONLAND Permit (Month).
  2. Permits will be awarded within 7 working days after the event.

Event 2:Auction to Win DT

1.Players will get a chance of draw every time they bid. More bids means more chances of winning.

2.From July 31th to August 7th  , at 12:00 a.m. (UTC+8), one of the bidders will receive the “Daily Lucky Award” worth 10 DT. A total of 7 players will win the Award.

4.In order to ensure the fairness and openness of the event, the winners will be determined by HASH calculation of ETH block.

code for calculation:


5.The winner will be announced every afternoon. DT will be awarded within 7 working days after the Event.

Event 3:DT Coupon & DRAGONLAND Discount Coupon

1.During the event, players who successfully bid and fail to win any land will receive one“DRAGONLAND 10% Discount Parcel Coupon”and three“1 DT Coupon”.

2.Players who hold “DRAGONLAND 10% Discount Coupon”can purchase a land at 10% off(System purchase only).

3.Players who hold“1DT Coupon”can deduct 1DT when they purchase buildings in DRAGONLAND.

4.Awards will be awarded before the opening of DRAGONLAND.

NeoWorld Signed Collaboration Agreement with Southeast Asia Leading Blockchain Media Asia Blockchain Review

We are glad to announce that we have entered into a collaboration agreement with a leading Southeast Asia media and community building company in the blockchain industry, Asia Blockchain Review. We will work with Asia Blockchain Review for the promotion of NeoWorld and educate the market blockchain technology and applications in Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries.

Asia Blockchain Review is the largest initiative for media and community building in Asia for blockchain technology. It aims to connect all blockchain enthusiasts on a regional scale and facilitate the technological foundation of blockchain through a range of group discussions, technical workshops, conferences, and consulting programs.

NeoWorld Team

DT Recharge guide

  1. Log in NeoWorld offical website,Click account to the user center;

  1. Click the Deposit;

  1. Choose the DT,Please don’t choose the Nash;

  1. Please select the address of the Dragon Network account authorization,If you choose the wrong, please log in again;

  1. Click to confirm DragonEx authorization,if you have not logged in DragonEx before,please log in DragonEx,then try it again;

(DragonEx website: https://www.dragonex-io.com)

  1. Choose the same address as before,then choose the quantity to recharge ;

  1. Fill in the transaction password and verification code,then click the ”Confirm” to complete recharge.

If you have any question ,please contact game customer service.

Customer WeChat: NeoWorld007.

DT Deposit is Available

DragonLand land auction will open on July 31, 2019 at 12:00 (UTC+8).

DT deposit is available now. Players can bind the DragonEx account at the User Security page to deposit DT. DT deposit to game will be applicable for DragonEx dividends.

In order to ensure the stability of the function, DT withdraw function will be available

after the DragonLand is opened. The specific date will be announced in the subsequent announcement.

DT/NASH exchange is available now. Please check in the RO Exchange in game.