Release Notes 26th Mar

Since the launching of EOSLAND, we have received various constructive feedback from users. We also conducted research and analysis on the imbalance issues caused by the rules and numerical settings in the development stage of the island. NeoWorld development team sincerely apologizes to the community users for the technical bugs that existed in the early days of EOSLAND. For the releasing of future versions, we will certainly do our best to provide users with a stable and high-quality gaming experience with a more rigorous development process.
With the consideration of a number of feedback, we will update the game at 10:30-11:00 (UTC + 8) on March 26 to adjust and optimize EOSLAND’s numerical settings of economic model. The update will include:
1. Remove the restriction on the development value of the business building upgrade;
2. Adjustment of other values.
In order to maintain fairness, the details of the numerical adjustment will be released after the service is stopped at 10:30 (UTC + 8) on March 26. Please pay attention to the relevant announcements.
For other optimization suggestions for EOSLAND Island, you are welcomed to give us feedback via the official communication channels. Thank you!
NeoWorld Team

The island of eoslambdacom will open on 1600 21st Mar (UTC +8)

EOSLAND is a Cluster of Islands and comprises of 21 islands. On EOSLAND, EOS is the major currency. The game rules on EOSLAND are open and the ultimate goal is to allow the EOS community to define the rules. Each island is operated by a EOS node, which supplies the initial EOS mining pool.

The first island of EOSLAND is the Island of eoslambdacom, and operated by EOS node eoslambdacom.

The Island of eoslambdacom has a size of 400 pieces of lands (20×20). The auction of lands was started from 1200 8th Mar, 2019. The auction has finished on 1200 15th Mar, and the total bid price is 8151.7 EOS. According to the rule, 70% of the total income (5710.39) will be injected into initial mining pool.

The initial mining pool provided by eoslambdacom is 10,000 EOS. Therefore there are 15,710.39 EOS in the initial mining pool. The players could gain EOS by building, working and attending the events etc.

The island of eoslambdacom will open on 1600 21st Mar (UTC +8). The latest updates will be published on official site and wechat official account

Wechat Official Account: eosland

There will be 5 events when EOSLand opens. The details will be published gradully.

Event 1: Benefit for High Contribution
1) ERO will be awarded to the players with continental contribution: 1 ERO for each 50,000 contribution. The decimal part of ERO will be dropped.
2) The contirbution on different continents will not be accumulated, i.e. if one player have 20,000 on each continent, the total ERO he/she will get is 0.
3) The calculation is based on the value on 1400 21st March (UTC +8)
4) ERO will be sent to players’ mailbox after EOSLAND opens

Release Note 16th March

Maintenance Time: 14:00 – 16:00 16th March (UTC +8)

“BattleField” is online

The player could design their own battle field in private space. The battlefield is in beta and the features will keep improving.

In the future, there will be more game mode to choose. The users could have more choices  when building private spaces. More importantly, the owner could gain income from sales of tickets and other virtual items.

The detail of battle field is as following:

New Building “Star Arena Portal” 

The player could build “Star Arena Portal” with NASH on his land. People could enter “Star Arena” from the portal. Each player could be at most one Star Arena Portal. The building could not be destructed to put back to warehouse.

The players will have battle properties in star arena: HP, Attack, and Defense. In arena, players could gain weapons to fight with others.

The player will die when HP is reduced to 0. The player will revive from the entry point of the arena.

“Equipment Halo” and Attack Mode

The owner of the arena could place “Equipment Halo” (with NASH) in the arena.

The halo could be place in any place in the arena. The owner could set the equipment type in halo. When the player enters the halo, he/she will get the corresponding equipment.

In current version of game two types of equipment are supported, namely “Railgun (S)” and “Railgun (M)”. Railgun (S) has faster attack rate, and the bullets fly faster, but with lower damage; Railgun (M) has lower attack rate, and the bullets fly slower, but with higher damage.

When a player carries gun, he/she will be in attack mode. In this mode, a crosshair will show up in the center of the screen. The player could move mouse to aim target, and shot by left clicking the mouse.


The owner could buy “Sentrygun” with NASH and place them in the arena.

One active sentrygun will detect and attack the targets automatically in its attack range. The players could attack the sentrygun. If a sentrygun is destroyed, it will reborn after certain period of time.

If there are more than one targets in its attack range, the sentrygun will attack the target who made the most accumulated damage to itself. If there are more than one targets have same damage, the attack target will be the one who entered the attack range first. The accumulated damage will be cleared when the player moves out from the attack range, or died.

The attack mode of the sentrygun could be set by the owner, namely “RapidFire”, “Artillery Fire”, and “Bombard”. The attack rate,  damage and bullet speed are different in different mode.

Release Note (9th Mar, 2019)

Update Time: 14:00-16:00, 9th Mar (UTC +8)


1. The cooling down mechanism of “Relax” and “Sleep” is changed to “Available Times” per day. The available time will be reset at 0:00 (UTC +8). In “Dream Apartment Community” (the house in newbie town), player could relax once and sleep once per day; in intermediate apartment the player could relax once and sleep twice per day.

2. The cooling down time of selling house or move into a house is displayed now.

3. The player could “return to house” in “Map” and teleport to the land on where the active house

2. Optimise the calcuation on production buildings with depreciation

When collecting the materials, if there is a decimal part after depreciation, the decimal part will be kept in the building and accumulated until next collection. For exmaple, if the number of material prduced is 6, and the deprecation rate is 80%, 4 materials will be collected and 0.8 will be kept in the building

3. Open of NEOLAND House

Starting from 12:00 noon 10th Mar, 3 intermediate communities on NEOLAND will be on auction. The auction will last for 24 hours. After auction, the houses in the community could be traded with NEO.

4. Adjustment on NEOLAND Business Building Leveling Up Limitation

The limitation on business building leveling up on NEOLAND is temporarily disabled. The limitation will re-enabled when the 2nd zone of NEOLAND is open.

Auction Rules for EOSLAND

1. Preparations

① EOS is the only token supported during this auction.

② Players need to deposit EOS into the account from the official website, and then transfer EOS into the auction centre.

During auction, players can transfer EOS in and out of the account freely, though there will be a certain period of cooling down time. No transaction fee will be charged.

③ At the end of auction, the balance will be transferred back to the game account.

2. Auction Time

Begin Date: Mar. 8th at 12:00 pm (GMT+8) ,2019.

Duration: 7 days

End Date: Mar. 15th at 12:00 pm (GMT+8) ,2019.

3. Land Attributes

Some lands have special attributes listed as following:

*Dock (Starting price: 20EOS):
players could build airports and wharf here, thus to provide a lower-cost access for other players to go to other continents. Revenues generated from airports and wharf (after tax) belongs to the building owner.

*CBD (Initial price: 50EOS):
players could build special buildings with special functions here.

*Lumber Lands (Initial price: 5EOS):
Players build timber mills here, and the production of woods will increase 30%.

*Stone Lands (Initial price: 5EOS):
Players build stone factories here, and the production of stone will increase 30%.

*Steel Lands (Initial price: 5EOS):
Players build steel factories here, and the production of steel will increase 30%.

*High-tech material Lands (Initial price: 15EOS):
Players build high-tech material factories here, and the production of high-tech materials will increase 10%.

*Rare Ore Lands (Initial price: 20EOS):
Players build mineral factories here, and the production of rare ore (NRO) will increase 10%.

*Ordinary Lands (Initial price: 2EOS):
There is no additional attribute on ordinary land.

There is at most ONE attribute for each land.

4. Auction Rules

① The initial price of the each land is decided by the attribute.

② Bids must be multiples of 0.1 EOS and greater than the current bid.

③ After bidding for one land, that amount of EOS will be frozen that players cannot use it to bid other lands.

④ Players can withdraw the bid only when he’s not the highest bidder. No fees would be charged if withdraw.

⑤ When the auction time runs out, the land automatically belongs to the bidder with highest price and will not be auctioned again.

⑥ The auction end time will be changed according to the bidding each time. Here are the details:

a.for each bidding, the end time is the current time plus X.
In earlier stage of the auction, X = 12.
e.g., after someone bids for a certain land, if no one bids it with a higher price in the next coming 12 hours, then this auction ends.
In the last 24 hours of the auction, X will be halved for each biding, the lowest time is 10 mins.

b. If the calculated auction end time is greater than the auction stop time (Jan. 3rd at 22:00 pm, GMT+8), then the auction ends according to the latter.

5. Others

Lands that no one bids during the auction will be put on sale after EOSLAND officially released. Purchasing price will be its initial price in auction.

An Explanation on Islands in the NeoWorld and the EOSLAND

中文版本 (Chinese Version):

Introduction of the Islands in the NeoWorld

There are currently three types of islands in the NeoWorld, namely, Giant Islands, Cluster of Islands and Independent Islands.

Giant Islands are usually managed by large institutions, such as the foundation of a public blockchain, which operates the entire island, manages the island’s currency and provides the initial mining pool for the island. A giant island may be further segregated into different districts, which are progressively opened according to the development index of the island. All districts share the same currency and one single mining pool. Giant Islands and the main continents of NeoWorld are connected in terms of transportation as well as trade routes.

A Cluster of Islands is typically used for a DPOS-based public blockchain (which is comprised of many supernodes) or other forms of alliance or association of public blockchains. A Cluster of Islands comprises of many islands, each representing a supernode of the DPOS-based public blockchain, or a member of the alliance. Each supernode or member blockchain is severally responsible for the setup, operation and the initial mining pool of its own island. All islands under the Cluster have one unified currency, but mining pools of the islands are managed separately. Each island within the Cluster of Islands are inter-connected with one another in terms of transportation as well as trade routes, and are connected with the main continents of NeoWorld.

Giant Islands and Clusters of Islands will be based on public blockchain and utilise the blockchain’s technology to issue a new type of rare ore. Rare ore of the islands will be key to the economic growth of the islands. In addition, core transaction records will be synchronized on the blockchain.

Independent Islands are open for all projects, institutions or social groups. The currency and the corresponding mining pool of an independent island can be designed by its operating entity. Initially, independent islands are not connected with the main continents of the NeoWorld in terms of transportation and trade, until the island is mature enough, e.g. its development index reaching a desired level.


EOSLAND is a Cluster of Islands and comprises of 21 islands. Each island is operated by a EOS node, which supplies the initial EOS mining pool. The size of the island correlates with the size of the initial mining pool. Each island’s mining pool is independently managed and not shared.

The first island of EOSLAND is the Island of Eoslambdacom.  The Island of Eoslambdacom has a size of 400 pieces of lands (20×20) and an initial mining pool of 10,000 EOS. Subsequently, islands under EOSLAND will opened according to the sequence of applications, and no new island of EOSLAND will be opened after the 21st island. In the future, EOS nodes operating EOSLAND islands can transfer the management rights of the islands.

All island of EOSLAND will use EOS as the main currency. Concurrently, a new type of rare ore, ERO (EOSLAND Rare Ore) will be issued based on EOS blockchain. ERO will be used as a type of building material for constructions in the EOSLANDs and will generate EOS rights points. ERO will be traded on decentralised exchanges in the future.

ERO has a total supply of 21 million. Each island of EOSLAND will have 1 million ERO and will be activated at the time the island is opened. 95% of the 1 million ERO will be produced by constructing ERO collection factories on the island and the remaining 5% will be held in custody by the operating EOS node for the purpose of launching events or other on-going campaigns.

Auction of the First EOSLAND

The first EOSLAND: Island of Eoslambdacom will be having its land auction on 12:00, 8th March 2019 (UTC +8).

The details of the auction rules of EOSLAND and the launching event will be released next week. Please refer to the official website for more details.


Release Note (2nd Mar, 2019)

1. Adjustment on characater property
– The following properties are removed: “Fatigue”, “Stamina”, “Work Times”.
– “Happiness” is remade.
– Added new property “Energy”
1) Happiness
The max value of “Happiness” is 1000. Happiness will reduce when:
– When a player work/research, happiness will reduce 5 when 1 energy is consumed. Certain job requires happiness of player to be higher than the requirement. When happiness is 0, the player could not work/research
– Happiness will reduce 5 for each gathering/producing
– Happiness will reduce 25 for each use of treasure map
Happiness could be recovered by following:
– ​”Relax” in house. The recovery rate depends on comfort level of the house, as following figure:
[table id=11 /]
– Recover in rare building. The rare buildings which recovered fatigue and happiness in old version will recover happiness after upgrading.
[table id=12 /]
– Wonder wish: 快马加鞭. The effect of the wish is “Recover 200 happiness immediately, and during the day, get double of the materials when gathering and producing
– “Like” in famous place. Recover 10 happiness.
– “Rest” in green area. Recover 30 happiness.
– Purple Bull Special Drink. Recover 50 happiness.
– The tent will be disabled in this version and pending for adjustment.
2) Energy
Energy is similar to “Work Times” in previous version. The default max value is 30, and player could increase the max value by learning “Workaholic” skill. Energy will be consumed when working/researching. Energy could be recovered by following:
– “Sleep” in house. The recovery rate depends on happiness when resting, as following figure:
[table id=13 /]
– Wonder wish 劳模风范. The effect of the wish is “Recover 50% of the max energy”
– Visiting the Tourism buildings.
2. Housing System

1) Why we need a house?
– You can “Relax” to recover “Happiness”
– You can “Sleep” to recover “Energy”
– Add-on when work
– Add-on when collecting fixed income

2) All players could buy a house in newbie town, and could also buy houses built by other players.

3) Player holding “Real Estate Business Licence” could build house on the lands they own, and sell the houses to other players. The houses could be resold. The minimum price is 100,000 NASH.

4) The house has “Comfort Level” property. Different types of houses has different initial comfort level and max comfort level, as following figure:

[table id=14 /]

5) Each player can own multiple houses, but could only set one of them as “under use”. The comfort level of the player is the comfort level of the house “under use”. The other houses will not be calculated.

6) Each house provides a private space. The owner could buy furniture and placed them in the house. The furniture will provide additional comfort level to the house

7) The player could “Relax” and “Sleep” in house. Relax to recover happiness and sleep to recover energy. There is a cooling down time for relax and sleep separately. The cooling down time is 24 hours for Newbie Apartment and 12 hours for Intermediate Apartment

8) The details of comfort level effect are following:

Comfort level – happiness recovery

[table id=11 /]

Comfort level – fixed income add-on

[table id=15 /]

Comfort level – work income for worker/owner

[table id=16 /]

3. Adjustment on Wharf

1) The owner could switch between “open for public” and “private” at any time, but there are 24 hours cooling down time after switching

2) Transfer of materials will consume Right Points now. 1 Right Point will be consumed for every 100 throughput.

4. Adjustment on level up of NEOLAND business building

1) The max level of business building is limited by continent development value, as following figure:

[table id=17 /]

2) After maintenance, the level of all existing buildings will remain, but they could not level up further if requirement is not met.

5. Adjustment on renovation on NEOLAND

The renovation of NRO Factory will cost following resources:

[table id=18 /]

6. EOSLAND Auction

The first island of EOSLAND: eoslambdacom will be open for auction at 12:00 noon, 8th, Mar 2019 (UTC +8)


Release Note – 2019-03-02 (Preview)

Update Time: 2nd March, 2019 1600-1800 (UTC+8)

Update includes:

1. Adjustment on characater property
The following properties are removed: “Fatigue”, “Stamina”, “Work Times”
“Happiness” is remade
Added new property “Energy”
The details on new properties will be released in detailed release note

2. Housing System
1) Why we need a house?
– You can “Relax” to recover “Happiness”
– You can “Sleep” to recover “Energy”
– Add-on when work
– Add-on when collecting fixed income
The higher “Comfort Level” of the house is, the higher the above effects are
2) All players could buy a house in newbie town, and could also buy houses built by other players.
3) Player holding “Real Estate Business Licence” could build house on the lands they own, and sell the houses to other players. The houses could be resold.
4) Each house provides a private space. The owner could buy furnitures and placed them in the house. The furnitures will provide additional comfort level to the house

3. Adjustment on renovation rules
4. System adjustment on NEOLAND
5. Adjustment on Wharf
6. Events about EOSLAND (EOSLAND not being released yet)

The detailed release note will be published during the maintenance.