GXC Withdraw Temporary Close

GXCLAND will open soon. In order to ensure the safety of the assets, GXC withdraw will be closed.

Withdraw close time: November 22, 2019, 12:00

GXC withdraw will be available after the GXCLAND is opened. The specific date will be announced in the subsequent announcement.

Thank you for your continuous support to NeoWorld and wish you having a good time.

NeoWorld Team

NRO open deposit & withdraw function at 12 o’clock on November 22

Dear users:

The CandyBull Exchange will open the NRO deposit&withdraw function at 14:00(UTC+8) on November 22, 2019, NeoWorld official website will open NRO deposit&withdraw function in advance on November 22, 2019 at 12:00(UTC+8), welcome to use!


  • To withdraw coins requires KYC.
  • The cost of the withdraw : withdrawal amount *1% RO.
  • The minimum amount of withdraw and doposit is 1NRO, the maximum withdrawal amount in recent 24 hours is 1000NRO.
  • NRO withdraw path: Log in to the official website – Account – Deposit&Withdraw – Choose NRO.
  • Official website user center: https://www.neoworld.io/account

Thank you for your support of NeoWorld, wish you enjoy game.

NeoWorld Team

November 21,2019

Lock NEST Win GRO Subscription Qualification

1.Players can lock NEST of Game Account through “Event” interface in the game. Eligible players can apply for rounds of lotteries to win the GRO subscription.

2.The total amount of subscription per round (total of 3 rounds) is 100 GROs. The subscription amount per person per round is constant 5 GROs. Subscription price: 1 GRO = 5000 NASH. Players who have successfully applied will be temporarily deduct the corresponding NASH.

3.NEST lock function will be turned off at 19:00 on November 21. The results of the lotteries will be notified by System Mail at 19:30 on November 21. Please receive GROs and the returned NASH by System Mail in the game.

4.In addition, Top 50 of locking NEST can participate in Panic Buying event at 20:30 on November 21. The total amount that can be purchased is 100 GROs. The maximum amount of personal purchase is 5 GROs. Purchase price: 1 GRO = 5000 NASH.

5.If there are GROs remaining in the lotteries, these GROs could be purchased in Panic Buying event.

6.NEST can only be locked and cannot be unlocked during the events. The locked NEST will be returned by System Mail after the events.

7.To ensure the stability of the function, the GRO/NASH exchange pair will be opened after the GXCLAND is opened.

Release Note (15th November, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 16:00 – 18:00 on 15th November 2019:

1.The “Work Activity” and “Work Rank” events will be added to the main interface.

2.When the “Work Activity” starts, players will be reminded by Window prompts.

3.Part of the interfaces in the instance will be optimized.

In addition, GRO pre-sale event will be updated. The opening time and event rules are detailed in the subsequent announcements.

NeoWorld Team


The Adjustment of Work Activity

The “Work Activity” November 11th special event ended last night. Today we will make the following adjustments to the rewards, as follows:

1.Basic Reward

10 Work Exp

2.Random Reward

  •  10 Work Exp
  • b.  20 Work Exp
  • c.  Work Activity Medal*1
  • d.  Work Activity Medal*2
  • e.  Work Activity Medal*3
  • f.  Hi-Tech Material*1
  • g.  Hi-Tech Material*5
  • h.  Hi-Tech Material*10

3.Super Reward

Energy Drink*10 & Work Activity Core*1 & work points for each of four industries*2,500


The KPI requirement of super reward: 30,000 points

These adjustments will take effect from the 12 o’clock event on November 14th. We will inform you in the form of announcements after the other adjustments. Please let the players know each other and wish everyone enjoy game.

GXCLNAD total turnover ranking event winner list

Ranking Total turnover(GXC) UID
1 2398.0 63840
2 1268.6 64438
3 1204.0 64479
4 545.0 174
5 508.3 19185
6 392.5 7184
7 298.0 63947
8 200.0 11537
9 200.0 11768
10 181.0 64547

After a 7-day auction, the GXCLAND land auction has been successfully completed, now announces the top ten list of GXCLAND’s total turnover ranking, please check.

Congratulations to the top ten winners, The rewards will be sent to the game by mail within 7 working days. Please check it out.

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The Adjustment of Work Activity

During the event, the reward of Work Activity will be adjusted:

Event time

November 11th – November 13th

Basic Reward

20 Work Exp (up from 10 Work Exp)

Random Reward

  • a.20 Work Exp (up from 10 Work Exp)
  • b. 40 Work Exp (up from 20 Work Exp)
  • c. Work Activity Medal*1 & Purple Bull Special Drink*1
  • d. Work Activity Medal*2 & Hi-Tech Material*10
  • e. Work Activity Medal*3 & Energy Drink*1 (recover 10 energy value)

Super Reward

Motorcycle Coupon*1 & Work Activity Core*1 & work points for each of four industries*2,500


The KPI requirement of super reward: 30,000 points (down from 100,000 points)

NeoWorld Team