NRO will be listed on CandyBull

NRO will be listed on CandyBull exchange at 12:00 October 19, 2019 (UTC+8). NRO subscription program will open at the same time.
CandyBull exchange will hold “50% off on new products” event. Users who hold more than 100 USDT will have the opportunity to subscribe a 50% discount on NRO.
After the NRO subscription, NRO/USDT trading pair will be available at 20:00 October 23 (UTC+8) on CandyBull exchange.
Please visit the following link for more details:
Open for subscription: 12:00 (UTC+8), October 19,2019
Open for trading: 20:00 (UTC+8), October 23,2019
NRO Profile
NRO is a token based on NEO’s NEP5 standards and represents the voting power of NEOLAND. NRO is also required for the construction of certain special buildings. NRO can be generated from NRO mining machines in NEOLAND. Every time a new area of NEOLAND is opened, 10% of the NRO will be released, till all the 9 areas of NEOLAND are opened. The final 10% will be released when the lord of NEOLAND is elected.
CandyBull Profile
CandyBull is the world’s first hybrid trading platform. It uses distributed ledger to ensure the security of crypto asset, transaction transparency, as well as efficiency by centralized order matching engine. By integrating global high-quality blockchain assets, it will create a crypto-currency exchange platform for users around the world with security, stability and high-efficiency.
NeoWorld Team
October 18, 2019

NeoWorld Biweekly Progress Report(2019.9.30-2019.10.13)

  1. Product Developments and Research Progress
  • On 8 Oct, withdraw of HPB was temporarily unavailable.
  • On 12 Oct, NeoWorld scheduled maintenance, Removed National Day Event, adjusted the output of treasure map.
  • Recent research and development efforts focus on the functional development of the island H5 version. The speed of the version update has slowed down.
  1. Business Development and Marketing Activities

1) On 8 Oct, the announcement of the National Day Event Poker Competition was announced. The players participated in the event and the competition in the mainland was fierce. After eight consecutive days of fierce competition, the fourth continent won the championship of the mainland poker PK competition .

2) On 11 Oct, NeoWorld and Elastos announced the cooperation statement. New dream mainland ELALAND will be launched.

  1. Community Developments

Till 2019.10.14, NeoWorld’s social media channels’ data are as follows (excluding non-official channel data):

Chinese Community:

  • Weibo: 125(↓1)
  • Bihu: 1558(↓2)
  • WeChat public platform account: 15272(↓5)
  • Knowledge planet: 1102(↑17)

English Community:

  • Twitter:547(↑20)
  • Telegram:1725(↑22)
  • Medium:97 (↑1)
  • Facebook:1124(↑0)
  • Discord:154(↑0)

Last week, NeoWorld made several important announcements:

Last week, NeoWorld Ecosystem Development is as follow:

First of all, lots of image, texts and videos about the poker competition are created. For everyone to record the historic moment of winning the four continents. The WeChat video which was made by “未来十年” will reappear and spread rapidly in the WeChat group.

Secondly, with the steady advancement of NeoWorld 2.0, the NeoWorld Coin Group 2.0 launched by the “寂寞火山” has re-launched, opening the door for veterans, and welcome players who are willing to accompany the game for a long time.

Thirdly, “我要写本书” to cooperate with Cos.TV to launch Game Video Collection Event. The event was unanimously recognized by the NeoWord Ecological Committee and added millions of Nash sponsorships to encourage more players to participate.

Fourthly, Players such as “阿扉 afield” and “Darkforcer” output some wonderful content, which conveys the real experience and wonderful aspects of the game.

Finally, “罗斯查尔德” brings a new UGC scene —— “Moon Town”, welcome players to experience.

Please refer to NeoWorld Ecosystem Weekly report published by the official wechat account for more details. All community members are welcomed to visit for the latest information about NeoWorld Ecosystem Development.

  1. Ask NeoWorld

We invite all community members to ask questions about our recent developments announced above and any question related to NeoWorld in general. We will select not more than 10 questions to answer and choose the best question from the list.

Period for Asking Questions:

From now to 18:00 of 16 Oct.

Question Rewards:

10,000 NASH will be rewarded for selected questions and additional 50,000 NASH for the best question of the week. The rewards will be distributed from the UGC mining pool and will be announced to the community in the future.

Question Format:

Game ID: xxxxxx

My Question: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Transaction Fees Revenue and NEST Buy-Back Disclosure for August 2019

Transaction fees revenue of NeoWorld for August 2019 was as follows:

Items Amount (NASH)
Payments (Rewards, withdrawals, etc.) 36,427,502
Land and building transactions 1,668,486
Item transactions (materials, shops, etc.) 11,847,657
Tokens (RO, NEST and island passes) 25,478,874
Subsidies (buildings, R&D, wonders,tents, etc.) 3,108,980
Expenses 1,080,109
Total 79,611,608

The NEST buy-back for September 2019 was as follow:

From 1st September to 30th September, the team has bought back a total of 800 NEST by pledging 78,034,000 NASH. Of which, 39,805,804 NASH were from the transaction fee revenue of August 2019 and 38,228,196 NASH were from the reserves (out of a total of 750,000,000 NASH, with a remaining balance of 412,822,082 NASH).

Release Note (12th October, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 14:00 – 16:00 on 12th October 2019:

1、Contribution Calculation Rule Recovery

Due to the needs of National Day Event, since the update of the September 30th version, the Contribution Value will not change when the player conducts land transactions. After this update, the original rules will be recover, that is, when the player conducts land transactions, the Contribution Value will be restored (the player who purchased the parcel increased the Contribution Value by 5 points; the player who sold the parcel reduced the Contribution Value by 5 points).

In addition, since the update of the September 30th version, the amount of Ccontribution Value change that has not occurred during the land transaction will be recalculated.

2、Other Adjustments

1) Newbie Town will no longer have NPC “Joker”;
2) The effect of the Encourage is restored to the initial effect;
3) The Treasure Map will reproduce the Constellation Module and no longer produce Pokers.

ELALAND is Coming

NeoWorld and Elastos officially announced cooperation today, open a new dream continent ELALAND.

ELALAND is coming, which is a new island in cooperation with Elastos. ELA will be the currency designated by ELALAND.

Elastos aims to create a new kind of Internet, powered by blockchain technology, make digital assets scarce, identifiable and tradable. Elastos will be a platform for decentralized applications (Dapps) that runs on a peer-to-peer network with no centralized control.

Recently, NeoWorld and Elastos have achieved eco-co-construction cooperation, and intend to create a virtual world ELALAND created by users and players. The launch cooperation will effectively promote mutual promotion in different fields and provide a new world for all players. Breaking the previous old game mode and really letting players realize the charm of the blockchain sandbox, which unveiled the prelude of the ELALAND island scene, ELALAND will also become a 3D space created by a global user.

In the ELALAND virtual world, players are free to create 3D characters, buy land, build houses and even build cities. At the same time, players can communicate with each other in the virtual world community and achieve deeper interactive experiences such as business activities, hiring employees, collaboration, investment and entertainment. Users can build and build territories through high-degree of freedom exploration and resource collection, and even create and experience third-party content or applications on the territory to create value and wealth.



HPB Withdraw Opens Now

HPB withdraw is available now ,players can access User Security page to withdraw HPB!

Attention Please:

①KYC is required before withdraw HPB .

②The minimum withdrawal amount is 2HPB,The withdraw limit for recent 24 hours are 5000 HPB.

③Withdraw HPB Transaction Fee is 1HPB.

④How to withdraw:access — click “Account”— click“withdraw”— select “HPB”.

Thank you for your continuous support to NeoWorld and wish you having a good time.


NeoWorld Team

October 8, 2019

Continental Poker Tournament Event Award Announcement

After a eight-day intense competition, the Continental Poker Tournament Event was ended successfully, Now presenting the list of winners.

Until 24:00 7th Octorber(UTC+8), Continental total points award results are shown in the table below:

Rank Continent Continental

 total points



1 Continent 4 79181 23000000 NASH
2 Continent 3 75878 18000000 NASH
3 Continent 5 68516 13000000 NASH
4 Continent 2 53122 10000000 NASH
5 Continent 1 35600 6000000 NASH

The award was sent to the Continental finances in the early morning of October 8.

Until 24:00 7th Octorber(UTC+8), each continent players’ personal points rankings are shown in the table below:

Continent 1:

Rank Nick Name Point
1 TOP瑛熙 8399
2 谜恋猫阿伟 7797
3 Top_冷锋 3905
4 阿扉afield 1637
5 林森林 1510
6 TCG_alphasong 1024
7 炒币五年老韭菜 773
8 天情地艳 595
9 夜御十处女 561
10 小灰灰 542
11 minibao 517
12 丑爆了 416
13 TCG一梦断蓝桥 415
14 TOP_PMY 390
15 IG_妹夫 350
16 TOP斌 334
17 公众号区块链见解 333
18 怦然心动 326
19 TOP_Vic 325
20 cctv 322
21 投资家 316
22 ASH 312
23 豆妮玛 300
24 TOP一寂寞火山 298
25 未来10年 288
26 炼金术士 242
27 差点儿 231
28 TOP_Bender 230
29 递弱代偿 225
30 向阳花开 200

Continent 2:

Rank Nick Name Point
1 cool 10080
2 TOP_吃土 8944
3 TOP一YOYOZ 4677
4 黑森林 4019
5 momo 2362
6 TOP_稀饭 2038
7 向阳花开 1896
8 TOP枫颜 1888
9 币兽人 1740
10 CPLASF 1583
11 vivian 1524
12 臧海亚 1236
13 湾区大富翁 941
14 伊人微笑 865
15 张百亿 697
16 TOP_Hero 601
17 大地主 527
18 DragonEx六月 510
19 xiayula 455
20 大眼足球 401
21 PD_莎菲尔 400
22 怦然心动 369
23 TOP_七喜 364
24 矿场主 338
25 RockyZ 326
26 田式产业 310
27 向着明天进发 269
28 cctv 253
29 vsjs 242
30 TCG_天元 202

Continent 3:

Rank Nick Name Point
1 汉寿亭侯 15318
2 棋院李 15035
3 潜龙勿用 10098
4 imee艾米 7559
5 原来我是吉米哥 4465
6 GoldMaster 2958
7 西瓜科技 2816
8 NW环保形象大使 1795
9 今年吃扇贝 1336
10 浪里格朗 1327
11 hakotate 1084
12 TCG一卡乐猫 1043
13 Dim 916
14 黄四爷 750
15 1688 531
16 加盐的咖啡 515
17 星河99999 500
18 点点滴滴 482
19 怦然心动 437
20 向阳花开 410
21 IG_我家的地瓜 410
22 深圳奇点 400
23 政少爷 317
24 cctv 251
25 PumpkinBoy19 211
26 壹暨倾晨 202
27 TOP_蜡笔小新 201
28 MrAKKU 193
29 TOP_洛克菲勒 189
30 alexz 166

Continent 4:

Rank Nick Name Point
1 听天由己 21718
2 楚歌1 11274
3 Stick 11137
4 TOP白马少年 4315
5 光之翼 3196
6 良灬小瑜 2884
7 天猫商城 2857
8 石油领主 2324
9 睡不够 1596
10 奔跑的小猪 1554
11 shidaimima 1100
12 TOP一西柚 1083
13 TCG_alphasong 1024
14 BAT_道非 945
15 TCG一小番薯 888
16 TrtFF 808
17 TCG一暗夜 771
18 jumpway 751
19 GoldenLeaf 733
20 TOP一黑时 677
21 yyccjj 510
22 NW环保形象大使 508
23 蓝岸离歌 468
24 向阳花开 450
25 徒步远行 423
26 TOP巴比特 405
27 cool 375
28 Neoye 342
29 两只白菜 341
30 环球捕手 336

Continent 5:

Rank Nick Name Point
1 入世修太极 13250
2 SkRrr 12221
3 cctv 10398
4 lili 6488
5 别浪让哥来 3250
6 白天乐 3224
7 Sunshine 2345
8 TOP一爽歪歪 2301
9 minibao 1751
10 V从小就很帅 1619
11 狮子座的星空 1045
12 冷雨寒 976
13 行有德 679
14 stank 655
15 落款那年 641
16 梦阁一456 602
17 向阳花开 455
18 薄情寡义 438
19 darkforcer 409
20 Anser 401
21 小白院长 386
22 SpaceX星虫 380
23 确认过眼神 361
24 blaziken11 318
25 神秘小子 277
26 忘却回忆 275
27 开心小财迷 265
28 9 263
29 光影骑士 229
30 TOP唯一 204

Congratulation to these players!Rewards will be send to the game email within 7 working days,please pay attention to check.

More details:Release Note (29th September, 2019)

In order to ensure the fairness and fairness of the event, if the player has questions about the data and rewards, can contact the customer service to check the information in time.

Customer service telegram contact:


NeoWorld Team

October 8, 2019

Third Quarter of 2019 RO Destruction Report

Dear players:

According to the adjustment of the mainland rare ore,the NeoWorld team conducted third quarter Wonder charging ROs destruction.

Now, RO destruction has been completed in the third quarter, and the NeoWorld team has released the destruction record to ensure that all destruction operations are open and transparent.

1.RO destruction time:At 0: 20 on October 1st

2.RO destruction amount:

The destruction amount is 204403.89 RO , charging ROs amount as follows:

RO Kind Third Quarter Total Destruction
ROA 20499.12
ROB 39254.23
ROC 47556.94
ROD 44112.80
ROE 52980.80

ROs Calculated according to the price of the in-game RO exchange, the total destruction value is about 5151 USDT.

  1. RO destroy smart contracts

The above RO destruction operations have been performed through smart contracts, details are as follows:






RO destruction rule(2019.9.20):

1.ROs consumed to charge wonders will be destroyed first. The total quantity of ROs destroyed per natural year does not exceed 1 million. If it does, 70% of the excess will be returned to the mining pool, 20% to the Treasure Map Pool and 10% to the Operating Activities Pool.

2.The rules above apply until the total quantity of destroyed ROs reaches 5,000,000. After that, 70% of the ROs consumed to charge wonders will be returned to the mining pool, 20% to the Treasure Map Pool and 10% to the Operating Activities Pool.

3.In the first week of each quarter, the total quantity of ROs destroyed in the previous quarter will be announced and publicly processed through smart contracts.

The RO destruction data for the first quarter and second quarter of 2019:

RO Kind First Quarter

Total Destruction

Second Quarter Total Destruction Half a year

Total Destruction

ROA 57529.1 40864.96 98394.06
ROB 83453.5 79397.96 162851.46
ROC 91664.5 88944.99 180609.49
ROD 98094.6 81792.52 179887.12
ROE 42397.9 66750.55 109148.45

In addition to the number of ROs destroyed by the mainland in the first quarter and the second quarter of 2019, the ROs of all continents did not exceed the destruction limit of 1 million. So, All Continents Wonder charging ROs were destroyed.

Thank you for your continuous support to NeoWorld and wish you having a good time.


NeoWorld Team

Octorber 1,2019

The adjustment of the rules of contribution

Dear player:

According to feedback from community users, the event “Daily Contribution to win prize” has a loophole in which a small number of users use the land transaction function to obtain the increase in contribution value at a low cost. This is not fair to the players who purchase the building to increase the contribution value, and does not meet the original design intention of the event.

After a comprehensive comparison and consideration of various solutions, we decided to adjust the calculation rules of the contribution values. From now until the next update period, the contribution for land transaction not changes. For players who have land transactions during this period, the corresponding changes in the contribution value of the mainland will be acquired at the next update.

The “Daily Contribution to win prize” list data is subject to our rule loopholes, and players also pay NASH costs, so they will not be processed.

Another friendly reminder: “Daily Contribution to win prize” can view real-time ranking data in the in-game activity interface, and settle at 00:00(UTC+8) every day. As of 00:00 on October 7th(UTC+8), there are seven issues in total, and everyone is welcome to participate actively.

NeoWorld team
September 30, 2019

NeoWorld Weekly Progress Report(2019.9.23-2019.9.29)

  1. Product Developments and Research Progress
  • On 24th September, NeoWorld scheduled maintenance, optimized the working value and the expansion conditions of the power plant.
  • On 29th September, the National Day event was launched and optimized for a range of functions.
  • Recently development efforts will be focusing on:
  • The following other function development of NeoWorld2.0.
  • The research and development preparation of island HTML5 version.
  1. Business Development and Marketing Activities
  • On 25th September, NeoWorld team visited Urbox, Vietnam’s largest online point shopping mall, initially reached an agreement with the other side to promote cooperation in Vietnam.
  • On 25th September, HPBLAND’s second essay activity ended successfully, there are many outstanding works in this event, helped more players to play HPBLAND better effectively.
  • On 26th September, HPBLAND contribution competition ended successfully, the final list of winners was announced on September 29th .
  • On 27th September, NeoWorld team participated in a seminar on sustainable financial development organized by the Singapore Innovation Bureau in Singapore.
  • On 29th September, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China, NeoWorld hosted six celebration events in the game, players are welcome to participate actively.
  1. Community Developments

1)Till 2019.9.30, NeoWorld’s social media channels’data are as follows:

Chinese Community:

Weibo : 126 (↑0)

Bihu : 1560 (↓1)

WeChat public platform account : 15277 (↓38)

Knowledge planet: 1080 (↑5)

English Community:

Twitter : 527 (↑32)

Telegram : 1703 (↓4)

Medium : 96 (↑0)

Facebook : 1124 (↓0)

Discord: 154 (↑0)

2)Last week, NeoWorld made several important announcements:

3)The summary of the ecological construction of NeoWorld by the Eco-Building Committee last week:

With the arrival of the National Day, the update of NeoWorld 2.0 also came to an end, studios holding large amount of accounts suffered heavy losses, but the core players and communities are stable, the ecological content have no reduction, various ecological members still maintain stable and high quality output. Beside, we have added some new members: daofei’s bihu NW Ukiyo-e, dounima’s funny video, xiaobaiyuanzhang’s NW club daily and afield’s NW group things. In addition, there is a video project in preparation.

With the gradual improvement of the 2.0 economic system , everyone will find that play without cost will become more and more difficult , the official has apparently abandoned the 1.0 mode of spending money for human traffic , they will focus more on the construction of games and content itself in the future , so participate in ecological co-construction is in line with the official direction of choice. Ecological construction dividend is underway, so we recommend that players with vision and ability participate as early as possible. In order to avoid intense competition in the later period, the committee raises the threshold for entry and rating, it’s too late to regret it.

For more details, please pay attention to the ecological weekly report that the WeChat public number pushes today. If you want to know the details for the first time, you are welcome to pay attention to the NeoWorld eco-site:

  1. Ask NeoWorld

We invite all community members to ask questions about our recent developments announced above and any question related to NeoWorld in general. We will select no more than 10 questions to answer and choose the best question from the list.

Period for Asking Questions:

From now to 18:00 of 9th October

Question Rewards:

10, 000 NASH will be rewarded for selected questions and additional 50, 000 NASH for the best question of the week. The rewards will be distributed from the UGC mining pool and will be announced to the community in the future.

Question Format:

Game ID: xxxxxx

My Question: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx