Join GXCLand Land Auction to win Permits, GXC and Land discount coupons

Event Time

August 28th 12:00 am– September 4th 12:00 am(UTC +8)


Event 1:Auction to Win GXC

  1. Players will get a chance of draw every time they bid. More bids means more chances of winning.
  2. From August 28th to September 4th , at 12:00 a.m. (UTC+8), one of the bidders will receive the “Daily Lucky Award” worth 50 GXC. A total of 7 players will win the Award.
  3. In order to ensure the fairness and openness of the event, the winners will be determined by HASH calculation of GXC block.

code for calculation:

  1. The winner will be announced every afternoon. GXC will be awarded within 7 working days after the Event.

Note:24 hours from the start of the auction as a round,if there is no bid within 24 hours of each round of auction, it will be regarded as the end of the land auction. If the land auction ends in advance, the subsequent auction time will no longer provide the daily lucky prize.


Event 2:Permits for Bids

1.Players will be rewarded according to the total number of bids.

Bidding Times Award
1 GXCLAND Permit(Day)x1
7 GXCLAND Permit(Week)x1
20 GXCLAND Permit(Month)x1
  1. Each reward is available once. Players can get up to one GXCLAND Permit (Day), one GXCLAND Permit (Week) and one GXCLAND Permit (Month).
  2. Permits will be awarded within 7 working days after the event.


Event 3:GXC Coupon & GXCLAND Discount Coupon

  1. During the event, players who successfully bid and fail to win any land will receive one“GXCLAND 10% Discount Parcel Coupon”and five“1 GXC Coupon”.
  2. Players who hold “GXCLAND 10% Discount Coupon”can purchase a land at 10% off(System purchase only).
  3. Players who hold“1 GXC Coupon”can deduct 1 GXC when they purchase buildings in GXCLAND.
  4. Awards will be awarded before the opening of GXCLAND.

Transaction Fees Revenue and NEST Buy-Back Disclosure for July 2019

Transaction fees revenue of NeoWorld for July 2019 was as follows:

Items Amount (NASH)
Payments (Rewards, withdrawals, etc.)   30,366,096
Land and building transactions    4,433,407
Item transactions (materials, shops, etc.)   10,715,458
Tokens (RO, NEST and island passes)   18,876,863
Subsidies (buildings, R&D, wonders,tents, etc.)   4,888,985
Expenses    1,270,955
Total  70,551,764

The NEST buy-back for August 2019 was as follow:

From 1st August to 31st August, the team has bought back a total of 800 NEST by pledging 74,324,974  NASH. Of which, 35,275,882 NASHwere from the transaction fee revenue of July 2019 and 39,049,092 NASH were from the reserves (out of a total of 750,000,000 NASH, with a remaining balance of 451,050,278 NASH).

Open Land Auction Today

NeoWorld X GXChain

Dream Land — GXCLAND

Auction Officially Begin Today

Mining Pool in the Territory is 24000 GXC

900 Plots of Land in the Territory

90 Plots of Land in the Auction

The link of auction

Event Time

August 28th 12:00 am– September 4th 12:00 am(UTC +8)

The details of the parcel types are as following:


Potential Grade Total Number Number in Auction Initial Price in GXC
Saint S 1 1



A 15 1 200
RO Enhanced A 9 3


Timber Enhanced

B 33 3 200
Dock B 59 6


Steel Enhanced

C 66 6 70
Timber Enhanced C 66 6


Stone Enhanced

C 66 6 70
Villa Parcel C 198 18


Ordinary Parcel

D 387 40


The price will depend on the auction/sale price of the same parcel type in history.

The price formula is: Price = average auction/sale price of the same parcel type * factor.

The value of the factor will be announced before the island opening.

The link of auction rules:

Event 1:.Players can recharge 50 GXC to gain a Gift Pack.

Event 2:players’ GXC deposits will be counted and top 30 will gain rewards

Event 3:Players will be rewarded according to the total number of bids.

Event 4:Players will get a chance of draw every time they bid.

Event 5:players who successfully bid and fail to win rewards.

Deposit GXC to Gain Gift Packs and the Top 20 will Win“Alchemy Factory”

Event Time:

17:00 26th August – 12:00 4th September(UTC +8)

Event Rule:

1.Players can recharge 50 GXC to gain a Gift Pack.

Gift Pack

GXCLAND Permit(Week) x1

Purple Bull Special Drink x3

 *Purple Bull Special Drink is not for sale.

2.At the end of the event, players’ GXC deposits will be counted and top 30 will gain rewards.The minimum deposit for obtaining“Alchemy Factory”is 500 GXC.



Alchemy Factory x5


Alchemy Factory x3

Alchemy Factory x2


Alchemy Factory x1

GXCLAND Permit(Month) x2

3.Props will be awarded within 7 working days after the event. “Alchemy Factory” will be awarded after the GXCLAND is opened.

Recharge Link:


1.What is Alchemy Factory?

Alchemy Factory is a special building on GXCLAND. It cannot be purchased. It is currently only acquired through events.

Factory Comparison

Attribute Definition

Alchemy Factory Normal Factory
Acquisition Condition Free during special events


Construction Condition

 Owns at least one parcel on GXCLAND,

Does not require right point

Owns at least one parcel on GXCLAND,

Requires right points

Renovation Rule No renovation needed

Need to renovate every 10 days

Land Add-on Bonus

Applicable Applicable
Daily Production Limit 100 normal materials(or 1 Hi-Tech material)

48 normal materials

Type of Material Produced

Owner can choose the type of material produced. The player who “alchemize” will get random type of material. Decided by the type of factory
Productivity Productivity is determined by “alchemize”

Produce materials over time

Storage Limit

10-day production

2.5-day production

In general, Alchemy Factory is cheaper, more powerful, more productive, and earn more GXC than the Normal Factory.

2.What is GXCLAND Permit

Players traveling between GXCLAND and the NeoWorld mainland are required to pay a fee. If players hold the “GXCLAND Permit”, They will not have to pay the fee. “GXCLAND Permit” is tradable.

3.What is Purple Bull Special Drink

In the game, “Work”, “Manufacture” and other operations need to consume the player’s happiness value. Players can use the “Purple Bull Special Drink” to recover happiness value.

4.Does the GXC purchased by the RO exchange in the game participate in the ranking?


5.What if my recharge amount is the same as everyone else?

If someone’s GXC deposit is the same as everyone else, the reward will be awarded in the order of the last transaction time.