Release Note (9th November, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 14:00 – 16:00 on 9th November 2019:

Large-scale production BUFF

If the player performs “produce” actions through a large number of factories, the player will receive additional materials.

For instance, If the player performs “produce” actions through a timber factory, he will receive 384 timber materials. If the player performs “produce” actions through 51 timber factories, he will receive 19,584 (384*51) timber materials and additional 255(5*51) timber materials. Please check the value in the game.

Work Activity

The new building “Work Activity Building” will be added to the novice village of NeoWorld main mainland. At present, there are 45 Work Activity Buildings in NeoWorld. Every day from 12:00 to 12:10 (UTC+8) and 20:00 to 20:10 (UTC+8), a random Work Activity Building will be activated to hold an event.

The Work Activity Building has 100,000 performance points. During the event, players need to do their best to performs “work” actions. Each time they performs a “work” action, they will gain experience and special props Work Activity Medals. If total performance points of the Work Activity Building are completed, a random player will receive a Work Activity Core and 2,500 performance points for each of the four industries.

Work Rank

Players need to spend 100 NASH for entry fee to participate Work Rank event. Players who participate in this event will enjoy the right of working 100 times without CD.

When the player performs a “work” action, he will get work points according to his performance. Higher levels of work and more performance points bring more points to players. If the player  work though collection buildings(Including timber factory, stone factory, steel factory, high-tech materials factory) and Work Activity Buildings, he will not receive work points.

The weekly Work Rank reward is 500,000 NASH and players’ entry fee. Starting from November 11, every Sunday night at 24:00 (UTC+8), the top three players in the four industries will receive the rank reward. Please check the reward value in the game.


1.The effect of wish “富贵由天” is adjusted: 1% probability of obtaining a “Legend Work Badge Fragment” and 99% probability of obtaining a Jinx Egg.

2.“Produce” interface will be optimized.

Notice of Switching Lines in Computer Room on November 10, 2019

We received the temporary notification that the equipment room will switch the line at 00:00am-01:00am on November 10th. At that time there will be a short-term network interruption or instability, but the overseas area will not be affected.

Dear player:

We apologize for the inconvenience! NeoWorld sincerely thank you for your understanding and support, we wish you happy in game!
NeoWorld Team

GXCLAND Land Auction Beginner’s Guide

Hello everybody! GXCLAND land auction has opened today, please follow me to learn how beginner participate in the GXCLAND land auction, let’s go!

First step: Register an account

Open the link below, fill in the appropriate information to complete the registration. If you are a foreigner, please select email registration.

Second step: Deposit GXC

Open the link below after registration:

, you can log in to the official website. Then open the second link:, you can enter the deposit center of the official website. Your GXC deposit address and MEMO will be displayed on the web page. You can deposit GXC to above address from crypto exchange, to gain equivalent GXC in game.

Third step: Transfer to GXC

Open the land auction link below, find option for GXC Assets Managment. Click to enter, choose direction and GXC quantity, click confirm to complete transfer.

Fourth step: Participate in the auction

After successful transfer, you can join the land auction of GXCLAND. Choose a piece of land in the auction, enter the bid price and click confirm to participate in the auction.

The above is a detailed step for a beginner to participate in the GXCLAND land auction, have you learnt that? If you want to learn more rules about the land auction of GXCLAND, please click the link:

GXCLAND land auction open today,total turnover ranking to win prize!

GXCLAND is a multiplayer virtual world in collaboration with GXChain and NeoWorld, rich gameplay, beautiful picture. The first district of GXCLAND consists of 900 blocks, and all land auctions have the same starting price. Land is a necessary condition for building on the island. You can earn rich GXC by creating value and making content on the land. The initial mine pool is 240,000 GXC, the initial pool in the first district is 24000GXC. The land auction was opened today, and 96 of the land were auctioned. Participate in the auction now to win GRO and GXCLAND Pass!

Land auction time

November 6th 2019 12:00 am-November 13th 2019 12:00 am

Land auction link

Auction notice

1.The land participating in this auction is the most central 10×10 and 96 land after the removal of the common land. The starting price of each land is unified to 15GXC.

2.Each land is bundled with a land fund, and 30% of the land auction price or system price will automatically enter the land fund. Each time the land is traded between users, 5% of the transaction price will also enter the land fund.

3.Each land starts from the fourth bid, and each 10% of the price increase (minimum 0.1GXC, precision 1 decimal) will enter the land grant fund.

4.Only NeoWorld registered users can participate in the land auction in the first district of GXCLAND, GXCLAND’s exclusive new user registration link is:

5.The user needs to charge the GXC to the recharge address of the official website user center, and then transfer the GXC to the auction system through the “transfer to GXC” function in the auction center. During the auction process, the user can perform multiple transfer and transfer operations with certain cooling. Time, this operation will not incur any cost.

6.After the auction is over, the balances in all auction systems will be automatically transferred back to the account.


In order to assist this GXCLAND land auction, we have launched the GXCLAND land turnover ranking event. At the end of the event, the top ten players in the total land turnover will receive the GRO and GXCLAND Pass (month) redemption voucher.

Ranking Reward
1 GXCLAND Pass(month)*5,GRO*35
2~3 GXCLAND Pass(month)*3,GRO*16
4~6 GXCLAND Pass(month)*2,GRO*7
7~10 GXCLAND Pass(month)*1,GRO*3

The reward will be distributed to the game by mail within 7 working days after the event ends. Please check it out!

Total turnover ranking to win GRO and GXCLAND Pass

Event rule

During the land auction,the total turnover of the player’s land auction is counted and ranked(Based on the actual land taken). After the auction, the top ten players will get the corresponding rewards.

Event time

November 6th 2019 12:00 am-November 13rd 2019 12:00 am

Event reward

Ranking Reward
1 GXCLAND Pass(month)*5,GRO*35
2~3 GXCLAND Pass(month)*3,GRO*16
4~6 GXCLAND Pass(month)*2,GRO*7
7~10 GXCLAND Pass(month)*1,GRO*3

The reward will be distributed to the game by mail within 7 working days after the event ends. Please check it out!

GXC Deposit link


1.What is GRO,what’s the effect?

GRO is called GXCLAND Rare Ore, which is the equity certificate of virtual world GXCLAND based on GXChain. GXCLAND users can produce GRO by building a GRO collection plant, GRO is the driving force behind GXCLAND’s economic development, whether or not holding GRO will affect the user’s rights and interests in the virtual world.

2.What is the role of the GXCLAND Pass?

Players need to pay a handling fee between the GXCLAND and the NeoWorld mainland. If they hold the “GXCLAND Pass”, they can make unlimited free round trips during the validity period. The “GXCLAND Pass” is tradable.

3.Is the multiple bid for a piece of land counted in the ranking during the land auction?

The final ranking is based on the total amount of land actually taken by the players, and multiple bids are not included in the total bid.

4.How to determine the ranking if the total amount of bidding with other players is the same?

If the total amount of the auction is the same, then determine the ranking according to the order in which the player finally took the land.

The final interpretation of this event belongs to NeoWorld.

Auction Guideline of GXCLAND

GXCLAND Introduction

1.GXCLAND is a virtual world based on the ecology of GXChain. The token in GXCLAND is GXC and Equity token is GRO(GXCLAND Rare Ore). GXCLAND consists of 9 territories, each with 900 plots.

2.The initial mining pool of GXCLAND is 240,000 GXC. The mining pool in each territory is 10% of the total mining pool. The tax revenue from users in the territory will continue to return to the mining pool in a certain proportion. When the development value of a territory reaches a certain value or the plots are sold out, the next territory will be opened. When GXCLAND 9th territory  is open and the development value reaches a certain value, GXCLAND Alliance Event will be launched. At that time, the mining pools in each territory will be shared and the last 10% of the total mining pool will be incorporated.

Land rules

1.GXCLAND 1st territory is located at the lower left of GXCLAND and consists of a total of 900 plots of land. Only the central 10×10 total 100 land will be opened at the beginning. Users can only purchase and build on these land. After the development value of 1st territory and the number of permanent residents reach a certain value, more land will be opened. From the southwest corner, 200 blocks of land are opened each time in a counterclockwise order.

2.The four most central areas of the area are public land and are not sold to users. In public land, there are specific public buildings that will provide users with some important daily functions.

3.Land that has not been sold in land auction can be purchased directly from the system after opening the island. The price depends on the average price of the land auction in the territory. Based on this price, each time a land is sold from system, the price will increase proportionally. Every time a piece of land is written off, the price will drop proportionally.

4.Each land is bundled with a land fund. Land auction price or 30% of the system price will enter the land fund. Each time the land is traded between users, 5% of the transaction price will also enter the land fund.

5.Users can write off their land if there are no more buildings on the land. After the land is written off, the user can pay a 5% handling fee to withdraw the land fund of the land. At the same time, the ownership of the land returns to the system, and all users can purchase the land from the system.

Auction Guideline

1.96 plots that are the most central 10×10 land except for public land will be auctioned.

2.Only NeoWorld registered users can participate in the land auction of GXCLAND 1st territory. GXCLAND new user registration link:

3.GXC is the token used in the land auction.

4.Users need to deposit GXC to deposit address which can be found from the official website’ “ACCOUNT”, and then transfer the GXC to the auction system through “Assets Management” function in the auction website.

5.After the auction is over, the balances in auction system will be transferred back to the user accounts.

Auction time

  • Time Start: 12:00 pm, 6th November, Wednesday (UTC + 8)
  • Duration: 24 x 7 hours
  • Time End: 12:00 pm, 13th November, Wednesday (UTC + 8)

Auction Rule

1.The starting price of each land is 15 GXC.

2.Each bid increase cannot be lower than 1 GXC and 1% of the current bid.

3.After bidding for one land, that amount of GXC will be frozen that players cannot use it to bid other lands.

4.Starting from the fourth bid, 10% of each price increase(minimum 0.1 GXC, precision 1 decimal) enter the land fund.

5.Players can withdraw the bid only when he’s not the highest bidder. No fees would be charged if withdraw. The part that has entered the land fund cannot be withdrawn.

6.When the auction time runs out, the land automatically belongs to the bidder with highest price and will not be auctioned again.

7.The auction end time will be changed according to the bidding each time. Here are the details:

a) for each bidding, the end time is the current time plus X. In earlier stage of the auction, X = 24.

e.g., after someone bids for a certain land, if no one bids it with a higher price in the next coming 24 hours, then this auction ends. In the last 24 hours of the auction, X will be halved for each biding, the lowest time is 10 minutes.

b) If the calculated auction end time is greater than the auction stop time (12:00pm, 13th November, UTC + 8), then the auction ends according to the latter.


1.Users with land can obtain permanent resident status in the territory. Permanent residents have lots of benefits in the territory, including free re-entry right and free transportation.

2.One GXCLAND Pass (Permanent) will be given to the owner for each parcel auctioned. The owner could activate the pass to gain permanent free re-entry right of GXCLAND. The passes not activated could be sold in supermarkets.

3.The owner of the land with the highest transaction price in this auction will receive a Land King Monument and a 50% stake of material exchange in this territory.

NeoWorld sub-brand CryptoIsland with whitepaper officially released

Since the launch of NeoWorld island system, it has been recognized and supported by lots of blockchain companies. Islands such as NEOLAND, EOSLAND, ONTLAND, IOSTLAND, DRAGONLAND, and HPBLAND have also been launched. These islands not only provide a platform for interaction and display for the public blockchain and the exchange, but also create an effective application scenario for them. At present, most of these islands are one of the best dapp in their ecological applications. At the same time, we know that there are many details of the island system that need to be improved. The team continues to receive feedback and advice from users and continually optimizes the island system.

In the past week, the blockchain industry has undergone positive changes. We believe that quality blockchain projects will develop better and more users will enter. Neoworld island system will be an influential application in blockchain industry.

Today, CryptoIsland is officially launched. It is an improved platform product on existing island systems.

CryptoIsland is a sub-brand of the NeoWorld virtual world and a product of the combination of NeoWorld token economy and blockchain industry. CryptoIsland is a coalition of islands. Each island is the entry for cryptocurrency users to enter NeoWorld.

CryptoIsland is determined to open up the PC, Mobile, and VR terminals. Users create content through the PC, daily operations through the Mobile, and immersive experience through VR. The upcoming H5 version will significantly reduce user entry barriers and enhance propagation effects.

CryptoIsland will bring an innovative product to the industry. It provides four application scenarios such as Mining, Payment, Staking, and Exchange for a specific blockchain token. The integration of all tokens will create a visual digital economy platform.

Under the CryptoIsland system, more islands with popular token will be opened, including but not limited to TRXLAND, LTCLAND, ETHLAND, OKBLAND, HTLAND and more. The island of faith – BTCLAND is also planned.

Based on the original rules of the island system, CryptoIsland has made a lot of optimizations and improvements. Users can refer to the CryptoIsland whitepaper for more detailed information. The new rules system is called Island 3.0. All new islands in future will be open based on the Island 3.0 rules.

CryptoIsland whitepaper link:

Currently, the islands in operation will temporarily use the old rules. The rules will be upgraded to rule 3.0 in late November. Changes in island rules involve reform and compensation programs which will be announced two weeks in advance. EOSLAND, ONTLAND, IOSTLAND are based on islands running under the 1.0 rule, so the RO rules are facing major adjustments. For the 1st territory of these islands, the existing RO is mapped to the scheme of the new RO in a certain proportion. The new territory will be opened based on 3.0 rules. We do not recommend users to try extreme opportunistic practice.

The official website of CryptoIsland will be launched in near future and a series of publicity work will be carried out.

NeoWorld team

NeoWorld November Update Preview

Preview of the NeoWorld update in November 2019:


  1. The island system will be upgraded to the CryptoIslands platform. The whitepaper and platform website will be announced in the near future.
  2. Island gameplay will be adjusted to version 3.0. The old islands will be  converted.
  3. The new functional building will be updated in island, Such as robot battlefields, pawn centers and alliance buildings.


  1. The interface of construction will be optimized.
  2. The characteristics of production will be optimized.
  3. The equipment system will be updated in the game.The pieces of equipment were updated  on 1 November.
  4. The item synthesis system will be updated.
  5. Performance ranking will be added.
  6. New operational event – performance battleground will be added.
  7. The greening system will be updated.
  8. The wish system of wonder will be optimized.
  9. NASH Staking will be added.

The specific update time is determined by the development schedule. Please refer to the update announcement.

Thank you for your understanding and support of NeoWorld.

NeoWorld Team
November 1, 2019

Transaction Fees Revenue and NEST Buy-Back Disclosure for September 2019

Transaction fees revenue of NeoWorld for September 2019 was as follows:

Items Amount (NASH)
Payments (Rewards, withdrawals, etc.)   38,098,488
Land and building transactions    6,973,976
Item transactions (materials, shops, etc.)   15,648,812
Constructions (work subsidies, building and power)   46,323,984
Subsidies (buildings, R&D, wonders,tents, etc.)   45,368,342
Expenses    981,090
Total  153,394,692

The NEST buy-back for October 2019 was as follow:

From 1st October to 31st October, the team has bought back a total of 900 NEST by pledging 95,934,040 NASH. Of which, 76,697,346 NASH were from the transaction fee revenue of September 2019 and 19,236,694 NASH were from the reserves (out of a total of 750,000,000 NASH, with a remaining balance of 393,585,388 NASH).

Release Note (1st November, 2019)

The continuous service update will be conducted at 16:00 on 1st November 2019:
1. work equipment debris and work badge debris will be updated. work equipment debris and work badge debris are classified as five levels: Low, Intermediate, Advanced, Master and Legend.
Work equipment debris and work badge debris is not available in this version but can be traded. They could be synthesized into work equipment and work badge in the future.
2. The happiness value consumed by the work will be adjusted. 
3. The output of ordinary rewards and performance rewards will be optimized.
NeoWorld Team
October 31, 2019